FIFOTO Photography

I’m sure you’ve seen some cheerful posts on our Facebook page showcasing our new workstation setup at the studio. That’s right! Cheerful is the word. Because editing photos have never been this easy. We’ve had the ViewSonic VP3268-4K HD monitor for quite a few months now and I’m lovin’ it!

Setting up was pretty easy. It’s a straightforward plug and play, your computer detects the display and voila! You’re good to go! Due to some software updates, I was having some trouble installing the AutoPivot software (for the swivel function, more on that later) on my Mac but I eventually got it to work.

With a display size of 32 inches and a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160, it’s large, it’s sharp. Super sharp. To be honest, it took me a while to get used to how sharp my images looked on screen. Editing portraits is a breeze because due to my XXL-sized HD monitor, I can now effortlessly remove every freckle or dust speck to the very last pixel. And since our assignments are more focused on commercial work these days, its size, sharpness and picture quality works effectively for our post-processing needs where color accuracy and precision in Photoshop are key. I was becoming a lot more productive working with layers, masks and object selection due to the sheer size and sharpness of my screen. One downside of having such a giant screen though, is that you will need ample desk space. (I initially installed it at my home office where my desk is pretty narrow and that was causing a lot of strain on my eyes).

In terms of color, this monitor is calibrated to factory settings to cover 100% sRGB color space, perfect for the most part of our work where the photos are used mainly for online media. Visually, the colors are brilliant and vibrant, creating a cinematic and appealing viewing experience.  The images are so lifelike it’s surreal!

Let’s admit it, the VP is one helluva sexy display. It’s sleek and slender and the mindful design of the slim bezel not only serves to look good but functionally, it provides for a relatively seamless multi-monitor setup. We don’t need multiple monitors for the work we do but I’ve seen the demo setups online and they look amazing! I’d also like to add that its streamlined and minimalist design is perfect for showcasing one’s portfolio as a framed digital “art piece” during client meetings or at events.

Looks aside, the VP 3268-4K is an ergonomically friendly monitor too. Its wide flexibility means you can customize your viewing angle to your comfort level; the height can be adjusted, the screen can pivot left and right, the angle can be tilted slightly and my favorite feature by far, is its swivel capabilities. You can rotate the monitor to a portrait view when editing portrait images and the best part, the contents of the screen automatically pivots accordingly. (For it to do so, you will need to first install AutoPivot). This means less of that annoying scrolling and zooming in and out! You get to fully utilize the full screen dimensions and resolution!

If you really want to make your money go the mile and if, like me, have yet to upgrade to a 4K TV, this monitor is great for watching movies too! To summarize this nifty tech in three words, I’d say it’s SLEEK, VERSATILE and POWERFUL.

I am indeed a little curious if ViewSonic will soon have the monitor software update in a Mac version…